Dedicated To All Navy CT's Stationed at NSGA Shu Linkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwn

News & Updates

05 October 2018 – Doug ‘GAF’ Kelsay, Charlie Section, Jan ’71 – Dec ’71 made contact with us thanks to Wes Barrett.  Doug left the following message for us:  “Wes Barret called me just the other night out of the blue and told me about this website.  Awesome!!  Always wondered where everyone went.  Thanks for putting this site together.  I was a CTR and served with the NSG at Shu Linkou from January 1971 to December 1971.  Zumwalt ordered reduction in manpower with early out, and I took it.  Roomed with Scott Anderson (“Little Bird”) and Karl Gustav Anderson (“Gus”).  We all took the early out and were there for the same time period.  Again, thanks for putting this together.  Old men need to help each other remember what we probably shouldn’t remember.”  Doug has been added to the Roster Page, Welcome Aboard!

12 June 2018 – Steve ‘Chester’ Callis’ photo gallery has been added to the Photo Gallery Page.  It can be viewed here:  Chester’s Photos

04 May 2018 – Howard Epley has been added to the roster.  Howard left the following comment:  “Sent to Shu Linkou in Dec 65 from Kami-Seya in Japan once my security clearance came through. Departed in August 1966 to Monterey, CA for Russian Language school.  Welcome aboard Howard!

04 April 2018
Made contact with Steve Andrews; Delta Section November 1970 to May 1971, TAD Phu-Bai, RVN by way of San Miguel May-Oct 1971, returned to Linkou in Alpha section until February 1972. Thanks to Joe Glockner’s CT History Taipei/Shu Linkou Roster page for Steve’s contact information. Steve has been added to the roster page, welcome aboard.

03 March 2018

‘Skip’ Dunbar, the first NAVSECGRU MatMan at linkou 1969-71 left some comments on the comment page – here’s one of them:  “Ahh the memories! My name is Wm. “Skip” Dunbar. I was the first Navy Matman at Linkou. I was there mid-Dec 69 to Jan 71. I put in (with the help of NavSeaAct Japan) “a controller position” and maintained it. The zoomies maintained all the R-390’s and TTY. I made CTM-2 just before I left. Since I was a day lady and pretty much only had to do PM on the controller an hour or 2 once a week. I WENT DOWNTOWN WITH EVERYBODY!!!! Two main running mates were Nick Dubeck and Terry Williams. I recognize a bunch of names from the stories on this sight. Mainly hung out in the King’s Club (Anybody that ain’t Lin Kou Navy get the f*** out!!”) and the San Francisco Club (hated those steep stairs).”

(Editors Note: Apparently those steep San Fran Club stairs did a number on their Juke Box – read Axe’s story about the San Francisco Club on the main page. )

Thanks for leaving the comments Skip, and welcome aboard.

24 January 2018

A sad day in Taipei; the following before and after photo should explain it all.


31 December 2017

Year End Site Statistics: 8,709 page views from 1,949 visitors from 39 different countries.

03 November 2017

Wes Barrett,  Charlie Section January 1971 – August 1972, has made contact with us and gave us his email, which has been updated on the roster page.  Welcome back Wes, and thanks for the email address.

25 September 2017

I sat down to watch some NFL football yesterday afternoon; Sunday September 24th 2017. There was more hype about which team did what during our national anthem than there was about the nail biting close games and upsets. (Jets over Miami, Bills over the Broncos)

I found myself with a growing sense of uneasiness, then anxiety, and actually became nauseous.

All sorts of thoughts flooded through my mind, but not a one was in support of what I saw along the sidelines.

How did this all start? We can thank Colin Kaepernick, misguided as he is. And that was under a different Commander-in-chief’s watch. All we got from that is “well, in America we enjoy the right to express ourselves as we see fit. We have the right to dissent.”

Really? In front of the flag?, during the National Anthem? Isn’t that the symbol of freedom? And Democracy? What so many fought and died for? No, sitting during the national anthem is a symbol of disrespect for freedom and democracy. It is a show of disrespect for those who fought and died for those rights. Sitting in defiance during the playing of the national anthem is sitting in defiance of the principles that this country was founded on.

The flag and the national anthem do not represent the identity of the current President or the ideology of the current administration. It represents freedom and democracy. So why would you choose to demonstrate against freedom and democracy? And why would a Pro-athlete that can have direct access to the media anytime they wish, choose that moment to demonstrate their displeasure for the current President. Aren’t there better ways or moments to do it?

Oh, how comfortable it must be to do it while they’re on the clock making their big fat paychecks. And do it at a time where they put their teammates on the spot, expecting their support, UNITY -TEAM! Why not take some of their own time to get out there and exercise their right to disagree to dissent, to vote. Contact the media, tell them that they would like to get something off their chest. I’m sure they’ll be knocking down a superstar’s door to be the first to get the scoop.

On the other hand, a mere military veteran that has lived a slug of an existence after taking an oath to lay down his life in the defense of his country will get ignored. How many active NFL players are veterans? Relative to the number that have failed drug tests, been involved in domestic violence, shootings, gun charges, ……….? Yet we pay ridiculous ticket prices to cheer for them as if they were some sort of hero.

So here I am, Monday evening September 25, 2017, watching Ken Burn’s ‘Vietnam War’ on PBS, hearing about some real heroes, instead of watching the NFL on ESPN. I came of age and served during that time yet I’m not suffering from the same angst I had yesterday watching the NFL. I’m not missing Monday Night Football at all.

Some of the players are misguided, and many are being led like lemmings. After all, football is a team sport isn’t it?

And the owners are hypocrites. Yeah, that’s right, what about Colin Kaepernick? So all you owners, with your arms locked in unity with your players and coaches, why don’t one of you give poor Colin a job if you feel so strongly about all this?

Think of this irony, Pittsburgh Steelers hid in the locker room during the National Anthem being favored over their foe, Chicago Bears by 7 ½ points. They lost – and here’s the irony, they lost at Soldier Field.

And me, I’m done watching the NFL.

22 July 2017 – Larry Johnson has moved to Florida.  His new email address is on the Roster Page.

17 April 2017
I tried to book a room on the 11th of August – I could get the 12-15 but for some reason the 11th is booked all around the area. It must be the last weekend
before school goes back. I will try the 18-20th and update everyone then. I am
getting a very small response. It may be me and anyone else that shows up.

15 June 2017 – We have reconnected with Tim Henken, Delta Section 1971-72.  Tim’s email address has been added to the roster page.   Tim sent the following:

I went to a ship home ported in Pearl Harbor, USS Whipple (DE-1062), and became an RD after the big massacre of CTs in 1972.  I went back to Taiwan on the Whipple in 1973.  The ship pulled into Kaohsiung and I took a few days leave and went up to Taipei. I actually went “up the hill” to visit but could not find anyone that I knew.  Oh well, I did what a good Linkuo Navy man would do.  I went back downtown and went on a sched by myself to all the old clubs.  I stayed at the King’s Hotel and had a great time again!  I ended up reenlisting and after a total of 8 years was discharged as an RD1.  I made several Westpac cruises on the Whipple and experienced Subic Bay and Olongapo. It was great but Taipei was better.  I actually went back to Taiwan after I reenlisted.  I was down south in Kaohsiung (actually Tsoying, but nobody knows where that is) and worked as a Provost Marshall Investigator.  We ran Shore Patrol when ships visited the port. Again thanks for the contact and the new site.  Take care. “

18 May 2017 – Larry Killen 1969-70 has been added to the roster.  Larry left the following message:  “My memory is good, but it’s short.  Looking forward to someone reminding me of some of the ‘stuff’ we did…..”

Larry, are you talking about stuff we did at work, or stuff we did while ‘running’ the Clubs and Bars?  Either way, that ‘stuff’ has not been declassified yet.  Maybe you’re better off not remembering; you’d just want to go back.  Welcome aboard.

27 April 2017 – Ed ‘Carp’ Carpenter 1965 was added to the roster.  ‘Carp’ was PCS to COMUSTDC Taipei, and was the first of two CT”O”s to be TAD to ShuLinkou to poke STRUM.  Had a fantastic time working there.  Loved the Chow hall gained about ten pounds in my 5 months TAD.  Welcome aboard!

13 April 2017
‘Skinny’ Dan Norvell has reconnected with us and left this message:
“This is Dan!!! Wow !! Here’s the way I remember the Phu-Bai thingy. I already had a place in Taiwan awaiting my wife. Then the Phu-Bai thing came down … and yes … was on the list … was on watch .. rember Jim Valkwitch saying .. why take Dan .. has wife coming .. why cant I go instead … and he went … I dont remember the going to airport to pick her up. Anyways, got a letter from my sister that my wife was shacking up with some dude … So end of that .. so I get taken to see “Major Betty”
About same time .. they were converting “R” to “T branch” … Rocky Rivera says you kidding … convert to “T branch” … so I did … had a month ROD time … party at Dan’s house … whew … anyway just about missed flight to Okinawa … and was so wasted they just about didnt let me board … So in Dec 71 .. went to Okinawa as a “T brancher”… was there till 73 .. went home and seen “THE WIFE” .. and it didnt seem like three years .. anyhoo … Got the divorce … off to Winter Harbor, Me .. got remarried and divorced (number 2) .. left in 77 ended up in Misawa Japan till Nov 78 .. Then Clark A.F.B in P.I … Met number 3 and with her for over 28 years … on to NCO Atlantic .. Chesapeake Va till 85 .. then became Instructor for NCO Operations in Skaggs Island till 90 … I was on the USS William H. STANDLEY (CG-32) Dec 79 till Apr 80 for Iranian Hostage Crises. But what is weird .. eventhough I was a “T” I could copy .. the “R” served me extremely well. I did notice a change to the OLD Navy .. when Ramjet .. Bingo Benny etc left .. When Seb left .. for me … was end of that Navy .. Went to Oki and tried same shit I did in Taiwan … Didnt fly there … oops .. linkou navy was no more … the Day Pukes had taken over … But Tink and the “Dildo Section” raised me well .. and in my 20 years no .. I mean no Day Puke .. messed with me … sit your asses down … I got this … they tried to get me to Chief .. but wouldnt go there …. WHY, back in the day a “CHIEF was a CHIEF”…Then it got to chief sat behind desks .. pushed papers … Nope not for me .. I want to play .. loved being in charge of my section .. and kick ass .. heeeheee .. check Facebook .. Daniel Norvell , Gary, In … … bless U & Urs ..
Thanks for memories that only Formosa could provide … Oh, by the way .. remember the Santa Clause happening .. Life is not measured by how many breaths you take .. BUT .. how many times your breath has been taken away … ”
Welcome back Dan!!

03 March 2017

Updated Reunion information and places examples

We are looking into having a reunion in the Pensacola area this year.  I have looked at a few houses on the beach in the area.  Before I commit to renting one, I would like to know who is interested.   I am thinking mid to late summer  Here are some dates that Don Price will be available.

May 20th (last Saturday before the Memorial Day weekend)

May 27th (Memorial Day weekend)
Jul 15
Jul 22
Jul 29
Aug 5
Aug 12
Aug 19
Nothing is cast in stone right now and I will coordinate the reunion.  I am just trying to get a gauge of where people are coming from and what dates are feasible.  I am thinking about staying in the Gulf Shores area near the Florabama Bar area.  This would put us close to Pensacola and near a watering hole for those that drink Adult beverages.   I am open to other suggestions, I just thought a glimpse of the past in Pepsicola would be fun, having one the largest bars, beach areas around available.  The beaches there are beautiful.  Being of the Scandinavian race makes sun bathing hard for me.  I only get red and not tan.  I prefer neon burns.  If you would prefer to be situated in Pensacola let me know that.  The area around the cross has been populated with hotels.  I will get a cost analysis as soon as I can get some feedback.  The previous reunions have not been super expensive, except for planes and beer money.  I have missed one, but they all have been good.  If you know someone that is not on this list, let them know and let me know what there email is so I can contact them in the future.  If you have any good or bad news, I can publish it on the Linkou Navy web page.  for those that do not have the newer web page.  This is a continuance of the one that AXE created.  He did a wonderful job and wanted someone else to take charge.  I can make changes if I am notified.

Some of the possible places..  THIS HAS BEEN UPDATE (March 6, 2017 – Radar)

14 February 2017

I (Glen Nelson AKA Radar) am planning a reunion in the Pensacola area sometime this summer.  Dates to be more solid after any suggestions/needs.  I can’t accommodate everyone but will consider everything when looking for dates – especially prices on houses.  I will find and rent a house somewhere near the Florabama and we can then commute to Pensacola.  Contact me at for suggestions.  Rent for the house will be split among the ones that attend.  No surprises.  Please let anyone you know be aware of this.  More to come………………….

Some of the possible places..

21 January 2017 – George Rogers; CTR3 Delta Section 1970-72 has made contact with us.  His email has been added to the roster page and he would appreciate hearing from his former Delta mates.

18 January 2017 – Steve Connors CTR3 1974-75 has provided a boat load (ship load for you lifers) of photos from his time on the ROC.  They can be linked to from the Photo Gallery Page or Right Here.

10 October 2016 – Happy Double Ten Day !!

03 September 2016 – Steven Connors (CTRSN) 1974-75 added to the Roster Page.  Steven has provided a 1975 photo of one of the last Linkou Navy contingents. 1974to7501  This photo with names is located on the gallery/linkou-navy-personnel page.

14 August 2016 – The “Plankowners” page has been added under the Roster page.  John T. Korn, one of the original 1955 Linkou Navy crew, has provided a list of the Plankowners he can remember.  Not bad for 61 years ago.

06 August 2016 – Ronnie “Eskimo” Quin has been added to the roster.  Ronnie served during 1971-72 with the Bravo Beggars; bunked with “Popeye” Sams and shared an apartment downtown with Bob Howe.  (Apartment downtown?? You’re on report – you weren’t supposed to be doing that.  Oh well, you were with good company)  Ronnie provided the name of one of the Imperial Club girls, Cocoa, on the Taipei Clubs page.  Thanks Ronnie, and welcome aboard.

16 June 2016 – Added Carl “Ski” Pristavec to the Roster.  Carl was a linguist serving from 1961 to 1963.  “It will be interesting to see how many from my era are still around to sign up. Glad that the site exists.”

16 June 2016 – Added Dick Whetstone to the Roster.  Dick served as a Linguist at Shu Linkou during 1965 – 1967.  “Heaven for a linguist, especially pre Nam R & R.”

16 June 2016 – Added Stephen Seldon to the Roster. Steve arrived at Shu Linkou AS in December 1967 and left at the end of 1968, as the result of a general reduction in forces.  He was an A Brancher and worked in the Commander’s office until August of 1968 when he was transferred to the Group’s office downtown in the Embassy building.

04 June 2016 – Added Ron Crowley, 1959-60 to the roster.  Ron left the following comment:  “My hitch at the best duty station of my naval career was from January 1959 to December 1960. I was a CT(R)2 linguist working the eve-day-mid shifts. Our C,O, was CDR Brus who was relieved by CDR Duberg. My supervisor was CTC Jim Gerrity. Other shipmates were: CT1 Lemuel Morgan; Howie Clarke; Frank Collins; Harry Wong; Eric Page. Married a sweet girl from Xinzhu 56 years ago and still going strong. Would love to hear from anyone regardless of military branch who served here during the ’59-’60 time frame.”

30 May 2016 – Memorial Day –  Hope all you Linkou veterans had a great day and kept those that gave their all in your hearts.

14 May 2016 – Added Paul ‘Ski’ Lipinski 1967-68 to the roster.  Paul was one of the first responders to the CAT Boeing 727 airline crash in the tea fields near Shu Linkou AS on 16 February 1968.  The details of that incident can be found here: .  Welcome aboard Paul.

March 21 2016 – did an update as changes had not been applied from December – been letting down on my job – sorry – send email to if something is missing

14 December 2015

Added CTA3 Rod Stewart to the Roster.  Rod served as a “Day Lady” from December 1970 to March 1972 and bunked with Radar, Ken Whitt, Bert Lueckenhoff, and John Neal.

10 October 2015 “Happy Double 10 Day!”

For those of you that served at NSGA Taipei during the 1970-72 time period, we received a comment today from ‘JJ Stein’, CMDR Edwin J. Stein’s son.  It is reposted here as we want to make sure everyone reads it:

My name is John J. Stein and I am a very proud Navy “junior”. I dutifully moved every 2 years growing up according to my Dad’s orders, and now live New York’s Hudson Valley. My father, Edwin F. Stein was CO of NSGA China station 1970-1972. I was 11, you guys were 18-22 , so I have different memories, but many many thanks for these postings. There are a few 40 year plus pictures of my family at Camp McCauley that I really treasure.

Thanks again,

“JJ” Stein”

26 September 2015

Added Ebb “Monty” Rich, to the roster:  “Just found your website from Joe Glock’s site. I Arrived at Linkou early months of 1964.  At the time our sections operated out of vans.  Sometime during my tour there we moved in to a nice ops building.  I was a brown bagger my entire tour and lived in Tien Mou.  In late 1965 NSGA was called upon to provide volunteers for subsurface DirSup.  I volunteered!  I was a CTR1 when I arrived in Taiwan and took the Chiefs test just before rotating to Pensacola for instructor duty.  While on leave in the U.S. found out that I had made Chief. After retiring I was lucky enough to be able to return to Taiwan in 1999 to visit a friend (civilian) who lived and worked there, was married to a Taiwanese girl. As you can imagine it was quite a different world than in the early-mid sixties.  I believe I have some photos of my tour and would be happy to share if interested.”

22 September 2015

Larry Johnson, Bravo Section 1970-71, provided photos of the Taiwan Mutual Defense Medal that was awarded to US Servicemen at the end of their tours in Taiwan by the government of the Republic of China.  This practice ended sometime during 1971 as the US initiated diplomatic talks with the Peoples Republic of China.  Many of us arriving from 1971 on did not receive this Medal.

Medal1  Medal2

Thanks, Larry, for providing photos of your well deserved Medal.

01 July 2015

Added Tom Cribbs to the roster.  Tom arrived at Shu Linkou early in 1969 and departed during the summer of 1970.  He made a triumphant return while on leave around March of 1971.  Tom was a key player in the “Arrival and Orientation” story about one of the more bizarre nights at the King’s Club.  Bizarre? Maybe that would make it just an ordinary night at the King’s – they were all more or less bizarre.

04 April 2015

Added Maury Zeitler, CT2, 1968-1969 to the roster.  Maury spent 16 months at Shu Linkou from early 1968 to mid 1969.  Welcome aboard!

15 March 2015:

I was looking through my pictures and found the attached.  They are from a vacation in 2004 Taiwan.  There have been many changes.  The old PS/Theater compound is now a beautiful city park.  The HSA compound, across the street from the PX is now a pretty modern facility.  I’m sure you know that Shu Lin Kou is gone.  I’ve included a few pictures of the Chang Kai Shek Memorial.  You remember how valuable land is, especially in Taipei?  They took several blocks in downtown to build the memorial.  It has a 24 hour ceremonial guard, like our Tomb of the Unknowns.  Thought some might enjoy these.  Regards,  Larry “Skip” Byler, Vancouver, Washington

63 Club today

Location of the 63 Club

Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei

Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei


Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei

Chang memorial 3

Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei

Chang Memorial 4

Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei


Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei

Chang Memorial 7

Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei


Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei


Song Shan Airport

Where we caught the bus up the hill

Where we caught the bus up the hill

29 January 2015:

Larry ‘Skip’ Byler, 1967-69, has contributed several mementos from his time on the ROC.  For those of  you that remember the Sea Dragon Club, Skip has provided a Menu.  If I remember correctly, the Sea Dragon Club was located in Taipei, off Chungshan North Road near Nong’an St around the corner from Wu Chou’s.  It was the entry point for servicemen arriving on ‘RR’ from Vietnam.  Again, to the best of my memory, the Sea Dragon Club closed in 1971 as US troops were being withdrawn from Vietnam.  Click on Skip’s POD (Plan of the Day) to be taken to his collection.

Shu Link Kou POD

25 January 2015:

Added Risk “Skinner” Miskimmin, Alpha Section 1970-71, to the Roster.  Thanks, Rick, for the photo caption update.  Also added Sammy Lane, Bravo Section and Days, 1968-70 to the Roster.  Welcome Aboard!!

17 December 2014:

Tom Kierstead, 1970-73, Delta Section and P&R Day Lady has been added to the roster. Welcome aboard Tom.

29 November 2014:

In the Photo Gallery section under Taipei Clubs a new page has been added titled “Taipei Club District Today 2014“.  I made a 4 week trip to Taiwan during November 2014 and spent the better part of a day roaming around the Chungshan N. Rd and Minquan E/W. Rd. area.  Although most of the landscape has changed, there were still some recognizable  landmarks.  I made guesstimates as to where some of the old clubs were located.  Corrections from former Linkouites are appreciated.  Click here to be taken to the new page.

Also for an extensive slide show of Taiwan photos taken in November 2014, click on the Taipei skyline below:


14 September 2014:

Added Richard Ellis, CTR2, Section Supervisor/Analyst, 1968-69,  to the roster.

21 August 2014:

Added a post to the stories section titled “The Linkou Shuttle”  Ok, I know it’s lame, but I haven’t got much new material to work with lately.  We could use more old photos, they’re much more entertaining than my feeble attempts at song writing.

18 August 2014:

Added David Freeman; Delta Section 1972-73, to the roster.

26 July 2014:

Added Charles Harrelson to the Roster.  Charles served two tours with Linkou Navy 1957-60 on Days and DIRSUP and again 1971-73 in Alpha Section OWO.

23 July 2014:

Roland “LUO BaiYun (Roy White Cloud)” Roy, CT(I) 1964-1966 sent in some stories.  They can be found by clicking on the link below or under the “Stories” menu at –> Roy White Cloud.

“Standing a Captain’s Inspection or What’s in a Name” and “Games of Buzz”.

17-18 July 2014:

Several roster additions thanks to Joe Glockner’s CT History Roster for NSGA Taipei

These additions cover just about the entire history of NSGA at Shu Linkou.  It is a special honor to add John Korn – Plank Owner at Shu Linkou and Paul Humler 1956-58 two of the first and also Ronald Bradley 1975-77 and Larry Cauble 1974-75, two of the last.  Also Roland Roy 1964-66, Lt. Bill Hall 1970-72, Dick Buxton 1970, Sam Walman 1970-71, Skip Byler 1967-69, Eugene Kissner 1965-1967, Rich Crawford 1963-65, Gregory Bischoff 1967, Chuck Carter 1968-70, John Riechers 1968-70, Jim Wilson 1965-66, Jon Spencer 1965-66, and Lawrence McCall 1967-70.

Welcome Aboard!

09 July 2014:

Added Tom Robinson, CTR at Linkou 1972-74, to the roster.

28 June 2014:

Added a post entitled “Music

04 June 2014:

Updated Earl Axe’s story about the San Francisco Club including photos and their business card here.

02 June 2014:

Larry Johnson, Bravo Section 1970-71, provided photos of China Night and King’s Club ‘ROC’ glasses and a San Francisco Club business card that can be found on the ‘Taipei Clubs‘ page.

20 May 2014:

Glen “Radar” Nelson has provided a boat load of old photos that we are still in the process of sorting out and posting.  There are many photos of the Taipei area that are in a gallery at the start of the Taipei Area page followed on that page by a gallery of the old Taipei Zoo.

HELP is needed to identify personnel in photos provided by Glen in another gallery located at the bottom of the Linkou Navy Personnel page.  If you recognize anyone in this gallery please contact us on the ‘About‘ page or the ‘Leave A Comment‘ page. 

And finally, a mini-reunion photo gallery was added at the bottom of the ‘B4′ n After‘ page.

13 May 2014:

Launched the Taiwan Scenery Page with sub-pages for early 1970’s photos of;   TaipeiCamp McCauley (Jinshan)Toroko Gorge (Hualien)Taichung City, Sun Moon Lake, and the  Pescadores.

06 May 2014:

Added the Linkou Navy Personnel Gallery to the Gallery Page.  It’s on the Gallery Page near the bottom, click on the 1971 Watch Bill.  Please note this page has many photos of Linkou Navy personnel from all duty sections and time periods and there are several more to be posted soon.

15 April 2014:

Added Taipei Clubs Photos to the Gallery Page.  Scroll down to the Club Map on the Gallery Page or click here.

12 March 2014:

Added the “B4 ‘n After” Page.  Before and after photos of people and places.  More pictures to come.

20-22 February 2014:

Added album links to the Gallery page; Bill Hannas, Mick McCarron, Glen Nelson and Tink.  Fixed some bad email links on the roster page and added Tom Bowen 1972-73, and Bob Strobeck 1971-72.  Added a ‘links’ page.

18 February 2014:

We are going live with website today.  Permission has been granted for the majority of the stories and enough of the photos to do a live launch.  As the contributors to the old website give us permission to use their content we will add that and update this page, so check in frequently to see what’s new.  I apologize in advance for the photo pages lack of organization and captions.  This is a time consuming process and I will be working on making improvements to the Gallery pages and slideshows.


3 responses

  1. Thomas (Tom) Bowen

    I was told about the updated Shu Lin Kou page this afternoon. I check the CTHISTORY website often, as I have found some shipmates from early 70’s and even CTR “a” school. I arrived at Shu Lin Kou in June 72. About a year later I decided to marry a local girl, lost my clearance and went to work “downtown” at the personnel office. I changed rate from CTR to PN. Went on to complete 20 years, retired as PNC in Feb. 1990. I was at NAVCOMMSTA, San Miguel when some of the guys stopped there prior to going to Phu Bai. I spent six months TAD to Phu Bai, from Sep. 71 to April 72. Enjoyed looking at the posts, pictures and stories about their tour in Taiwan. Looking forward to updates from the guys. All the best.

    February 22, 2014 at 2:05 am

  2. Tom Robinson

    I was in Charlie Section with you. I did 20 years also. Always wondered how you were doing all these years. Can’t remember if Fleming or Chris was our supe. Time erases the details…

    July 8, 2014 at 10:57 pm

  3. Able to read the updates May, June and saw many more pictures that hadn’t been posted before. I do remember Danny Lee as I think we graduated in the same class. There may be one or two others I remember. Keep up the good work and look forward to more shipmates from Shu Lin Kou.

    July 9, 2014 at 5:11 pm

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