Dedicated To All Navy CT's Stationed at NSGA Shu Linkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwn


If you were a Navy CT stationed at NSGA Taipei, Taiwan (Shu Linkou Air Station) at anytime and would like to be included on the Roster, please send an email message to with “Roster Addition” in the subject line.  Include your name, any nickname you went by while stationed at Linkou, years served at Linkou, duty section, email address, and current hometown.

Thanks to Earl Axe for providing this roster from the original Linkou Navy Website.  Also, special thanks to John (Jake the Snake) Kusse for opening the door to a few more Linkou Navy personnel.   If you would like to be added to the roster please contact the webmaster.

Name Nickname Years Section Email Current Hometown
Axe, Earl Axe 71-72 Delta Tucson, AZ
Andrews, Steve 70-72 Delta/Alpha
Barrett, Wes   71-72 Charlie Elmore,  OH
Bass, Dennis Penis 70-71 Delta Reisterstown,  MD
Beggs, Guy   71-72 Charlie    
Bischoff, Gregory   67 Charlie  
Bowen, Al   71-? Delta    
Bowen, Thomas Tom 72-73 ?  
Bradley,  Easton Grit 69-71 Alpha    
Bradley, Ronald   75-77 ?  
Button, Paul   71-? Delta    
Buxton, Dick   70 Day Lady  
Byler, Larry Skip 67-69 ?  
Callahan, Mike     CTR3  
Callis, Steve Chester 71-72 Delta  
Carpenter, Edward Carp 65 Day Lady  
Carpenter, Steve   70-71 Bravo    
Carter, Charles Chuck 68-70 SEACO  
Cauble, Larry   74-75 Charlie  
Cleland, John   68-70 Charlie    
Clemens, Dennis   67-70 Bravo    
Clendennen, Millard Sonny   CTRC    
Cooper, Bud     CTRC   RIP, 2 FEB 11
Connors, Steven   74-75  
Coronet, Robert Bob   LT. Officer    
Cranfill, Ron   71-73 Delta  
Crawford, Rich   63-65 Delta  
Cribbs, Tom   69-70 Bravo  
Crowley, Ron   59-60 Chi-Ling  
Dedominicis,Orlando Dino 70-72 Bravo  
Dunbar, Skip Matman 70 Days  
Easter, Bryce Rabbit        
Easley, Dewey          
Ellis,Richard Rich 68-69 Sec Supv  
Epley, Howard 65-66 ? CT(R)
Fleming, Jim Flem 70-72 Delta    
Frederick, Chuck Dahootsa 71-72 Delta Boise, ID
Freeman, David   72-73 Delta?  
Fulcher, Ron   70-74 Delta    
Haley, Dennis Halo 70-71 Charlie  
Hall, Bill   70-72 LT. Officer  
Hall, John Ludwig 69-70 Alpha   Tarpon Springs, FL
Hamner, Richard   72-73      
Hannas, Bill   67-70 Washington, DC
Harrelson, Charles   57-60
Hardison, Jim The Musk 70-71 Alpha Fremont, NC
Heald, Mike Snow 71-73 Bravo    
Henken, Tim   71-72 Delta   
Hertz, Dave   72-75 Days    
Hobbs, Harry   71-72 Delta    
Hobensack, Steve   68-70 Bravo Charlie Marietta Ohio
Hollingsworth, Bruce     CTO3    
Howe, Bob Hau Bu 71-73 Bravo    
Huber, David   71-73 Bravo Ile De La Reunion
Hughs, Gary Fat Man 70-71 Delta    
Humler, Paul E.   56-58 Days  
Indseth, Chris     CTR1    
Johnson, Keith   72-?     Rochester, NY
Johnson, Larry   70-71 Bravo Florida
Kelsay, Doug  GAF 71 Charlie
Kierstead, Tom   70-73 Delta Days  
Killen, Larry   69-70 ? Columbia, MD
Kissner, Gene   65-67 Days  
Knowles, Don   71-72 Delta    
Korn, John T.   50’s Plank Owner  
Kusse, John Jake the Snake 71-73 Charlie    
Landis, Mike   70-71 Bravo   Biglerville, PA
Lane, Sammy   68-70 Bravo Days  
Lee, Danny   71-72 Delta    
Lipinski, Paul Ski 67-68 ?  
Marbut, Jerry   71-72 Charlie    
Marko, Bill     Charlie    
Martin, Larry     CTR3    
McCall, Lawrence P Mac 67-70 Chi-Ling  
McCarron, Mick   71-73 Delta    
McCluskey, Mike   71-72 Delta    
McGaugh, Cliff     Charlie    
Miskimmin, Rick Skinner 70-71 Alpha  
Monarch, Joe          
Monday, Ron   70-72 Days    
Mullis, Gene Jeep 69-70 Charlie    
Nelson, Glen Radar 70-72 Alpha Days Knoxville, TN
Norvell, Danny Skinny Dan 70-71 Delta  
Oblinski, Donald Ski 68-70 Charlie    
Olsen, Rodger   71-72 Delta   Buffalo, NY (Last Known)
Price, Don   71-72 Alpha Beaumont, TX
Prisk, Joe          
Pristavec, Carl Ski 61-63 Chi-Ling  
Quin, Ronnie Eskimo 71-72 CT(R) Texas 
Rasmussen, Ron Rass 70-71 Delta    
Rich, Ebb Monty 64-66 ?  
Riechers, John P.   68-70 Admin Chief  
Rivera, Rocky   71-72 Delta    
Robinson, Tom San Ba Tom 72-74 Charlie Dallas, TX
Rogers, George   71-72 Delta  
Roy, Roland Luo Bai Yun 64-66 Chi-Ling  
Sams, Bob Popeye 71-72 Bravo    
Schilling, Dan Rev 71-72 Bravo Moscow, PA
Schneider, George   68-69 Bravo    
Sebranek, Gary Seb 70-71 Delta    
Seldon, Stephen Steve 67-68 Days Oxford, MD
Sherman, Tom Toe 71-72 Delta    
Simmons, Dave   71-73      
Somnier, Charlie   70-71 Delta    
Sopchak, Mike Uncle Mike 71-72 Delta North Bird, CT
Spencer, Jon   65-66 Chi-Ling Stevensville, MI
Starnes, Curtis   65-67      
Stewart, Rod   70-72 Days  
Stierwalt, Paul   69-70 Charlie    
Storti, John     CTRCM    
Strobek, Robert Bob 71-72  
Sweeney, Frank   65-66 Chi-Ling   Austin, TX
Tinker, Larry Tink 70-71 Delta    
Titus, Mike   70-71 Alpha NYAHWEH@YAHOO.COM Buffalo, NY
Trieloff, Carl   69-70 Delta    
Valkwitch, JIm   71-72 Delta Buffalo, NY
Walman, Sam   70-71 Bravo  
Walsh, Don Monty 71-72 Charlie    
Wannemacher, Dave Dahoowa 71-72 Delta    
Wasilewski, Chief Chief Ski   Days    
Whetstone, Dick   65-67 Chi-Ling  
Wilson, Jim   65-66 CT(R)  
Zeitler, Maury   68-69 ?

16 responses

  1. John T. Korn

    I was a plank owner at this station, along with Frank Willis Stew Weaver, Van Buren Collie, Lcdr Huggins as OinC,Archie McQagge as Comm Officer and Frank Brogan the linguistics officer, along with several others whose names I can t recall off hand. We lived in tent city, ate Army c rations when Flying Tiger Airlines couldn’t fly in fresh provisions due to weather or mechanical problems. no running water, showered at the MAAG in Taipei, no head, an eight whole latrine, guaranted to give you a wet bottom when the rains came. Now those were the days!!! John T. Korn

    July 19, 2014 at 7:19 am

  2. John T. Korn

    Reviewing the roster I must be a really old man as I was retired before 90% of the personnel listed. I often wondered what my recruiting chief who told me, one thing about the Navy you will always get three hots and a cot. He didn’t tell me the cot would be under canvas and the rats would be climbing up the tent pole to chew on our banana stalks and I thought you only used rat guards on mooring lines, didn’t know you needed them on tent poles. John T. Korn Northford, CT

    July 20, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    • linkounavy

      That’s quite different from what we experienced in the early 70’s. Semi-private 3 to an air conditioned room, plenty of shower space in the heads, great chow hall and NCO club, theater, bowling alley, pool….. I have to admit it wasn’t what I was expecting of the Navy. But thanks John for the sacrifices you made and the hard work done that must have convinced the ‘brass’ that Shu Linkou was a strategic gem that deserved all the amenities that came along in the 1960’s. Then ‘tricky Dick” Nixon decided to play Ping-Pong with Chairman Mao………. Well, I guess all good things must come to an end.

      July 21, 2014 at 1:38 am

  3. Axe

    Wanted to let everyone know that Chief Ski is turning 85 this week. I communicate with his daughter every now and then. Great guy, first Master Chief I was around. Have a cousin who is still in and get made Master Chief as well.

    February 22, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    stewart68op@yahoo,com bunked with radar ken whittM BERT LUECKENHOFF JOHN NEAL

    December 13, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    • John T. Korn

      I was a plank owner at Shu Lin Kao, the original group had three officers and about twelve enlisted men. That was in March 1955, lived in tents, ate C-rations and went to Taipei to shower. Oh yes and don’t forget the head, a six or eight holer, really modern, had a canvas top on it. Oh the memories of that place. Regards John T. Korn

      December 14, 2015 at 5:26 am

    • Rod – this is Radar – I will make sure you guys are on the roster – I am currently in Florida

      March 21, 2016 at 2:10 am

  5. Glad to hear Chief Ski is doing OK at 85. He was a fabulous mate. I loved my 3 years in Taiwan. When I left, it was off to P&R school in Pensacola, on my way to Karamursel, Turkey. That my friends was like moving from heaven to hell, and it wasn’t only because my marriage was falling apart. Even funnier, after I left Turkey, the fairy godmother sent me to Homestead, Florida. In her wisdom, she put my on the line after 6 years of P&R and never having been on the line before. Dits and dahs were a long lost mystery to me. Luckily, I was the senior 2nd class petty officer in the command and was primarily the assistant babysitter of my section. Hat a great 8.5 years and always think of my mates fondly. Thomas H. Kierstead

    February 14, 2016 at 5:48 pm

  6. Ronnie Quin AKA Eskimo

    I just found this site and it has been a long time. I was called Eskimo and was with the Bravo Beggars. Any of you guys still out there. Popeye was my roommate on base and Bob Howe shared an apartment for a time downtown. I was there 71-72.

    August 5, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    • axeman51

      Welcome to the site. Have any pictures you can share?

      November 12, 2016 at 1:43 pm

      • Glenis (Glen) Nelson AKA Radar AKA Frog

        this is Radar – Glen Nelson – I monitor this side occasionally – there are lots of pictures on the site – one of the tabs is photo galle
        ry send me an email at if you want

        December 15, 2016 at 6:56 pm

  7. Kristen Storti

    My dad is John Storti MCPO. We were in Taiwan 1971-1973 I believe. He’s 78 years old. I have great memories from Taiwan as well as Rota Spain. He retired in March 1980 in Rota Spain after 24 years of service. One of my twin sons is enlisting. Very proud!

    April 11, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    • Wes Barrett

      Hello Kristen. I remember your dad well. I was in Taiwan in 1971 and 1972. Remember your dad coached the softball team. Doubt that he would remember me since he was in charge of all 4 shifts, but please pass on my best wishes.

      November 4, 2017 at 10:05 pm

  8. Paul E. Humler

    Was in Linkou 57-58. For John Korn: the canvas was removed from the 8 holer. We had showers put in and lived in huts. Had decent cots with mosquitos nets. House boys to fill are canteens and leave a San Miguel by our racks. Spent six months at sea and the base had been turned over to the Air Force. They built a swimming pool just before I left. Cdr. McCabe was CO and we had a great crew. Marv Nowicki was a 2nd class, George Grele, Chuck Greene (great softball pitcher) Chief Ed Ward, Chuck Harrelson, “Knobs” Tobinas, “Spike” Crowder and yours truly,
    Paul E. Humler USN Ret.

    December 17, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    • John Korn

      Paul, I must say that my tour at Shu Lin Kao was interesting. We had the cots in the tents and mosquito nets but hardly used them until one night one of the fellows got bit on the lip by a scorpion or something, lip swelled up and was filled with puss, needless to say we tucked ourselves in under the nets every night after. I always found it interesting the the AF was next door but we were separated by barbed wire. The AF knew how to live, built a informal club and we could get pizza and beer there, in the meantime we ate C-rations or the food flown in by Flying Tiger airlines. It was always a delight to eat at the MAAG club in Taipei. Looking back, wouldn”t change a thing!! Regards, John

      December 18, 2017 at 8:34 pm


        We still had the scorpions but definitely need the mosquito nets. The Army built a nice club and mess hall with an acey deucey lounge attached. We had no a/c in our spaces so usually sat our posits in scivvies. First part of my tour I lucked out and stood watches in the air conditioned Air Force vans. Later did some R branch for awhile and then went day worker when we started to get people from Okinawa TAD. After a couplee of months with the AF went out to sea on the Hancock, Ticonderoga, and Bon Homme Richard. All and all it was a great tour whether at Lin Kou or at sea.

        December 21, 2017 at 3:22 pm

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