Dedicated To All Navy CT's Stationed at NSGA Shu Linkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwn


A Navy Plankowner (also referred to as Plank Owner and sometimes a Plank Holder) is a sailor who was a member of the original crew of a United States Navy ship or shore station when it was first placed in commission.

John T. Korn was a Linkou Navy Plankowner.  John has provided the names of others from that first crew in 1955:

Lcdr Huggins OinC
Lt Archie McQuagge Comm Officer
Lt Frank Brogan
Van Buren Collie CT1
Robert Earle CT1
Steward Nathan Weaver CT1
Frank Willis CT3
Robert Braun
Neil RED Peterson
Mike Shea
Mac McKinnon

Unfortunately there are a few others but their names that John can’t recall, afterall it has only been 61 years since they set up operations in Tent City.