Dedicated To All Navy CT's Stationed at NSGA Shu Linkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwn

—->Taipei Club District Today 2014

Most things look considerably different than they did 40+ years ago, however there were some familiar buildings that enables you to get your bearings.  Making educated guesses on the location of some clubs so here are some photos from the Minquan/Chungshan Rd. area.

The Minquan MRT Station is a block or two from where the China Night Club was.


Above and Below:  Maybe the China Night was in one of the 4 story buildings shown in these photos.  The Prince club  (again an educated guess) was further down to the right where the lighter colored modern buildings are.  These photos were taken from the south side of Minquan West Rd. at the intersection of Tian-Xiang Rd.



Above:  Another possible location of the China Night, but this is west of the intersection of Tian-Xiang Rd, so the first two photos are better possibilities.

Below is possible location of the Prince Club – 41 Minquan W. Rd.

MinquanWPrince MinquanWPrince01

Coming out of the under ground MRT station at the intersection of Minquan W. Rd. and Chengde Rd. there is an elevated pedestrian cross walk and the following photos were taken from there.


Above: Looking East down Minquan W. Rd. towards the intersection of Chungshan N. Rd.


Above: Looking west down Minquan W. Rd. towards the Taipei bridge that crosses the Tamsui River and heads up the hill to Linkou.


Above: Chengde Rd. looking north.


Above: Chengde Rd. looking south.

Heading east on Minquan W. Rd. toward Chungshan N. Rd. is the former location of the Kings Club, Kings Hotel, 77 Club, San Francisco Club, ABC Club and Monte Carlo Club.


Above:  ABC Club location.  This is the northwest corner of Chungshan N. Rd. and Minquan W. Rd.


Above: Entrance to underground cross walk in front of ABC Club.


Above:  Sadly, all that’s left of Kings Club entrance.


Above:  San Francisco Club, taken from in front of where the King’s Club was.


Above:  Majestic Hotel, Southeast Corner of Chungshan N. Rd. and Minquan E. Rd.


Above:  King’s Hotel, King’s Club, 77 Club. Southwest corner of Chungshan N. Rd. and Minquan W. Rd.  Chungshan Rd. is the dividing line between East and West designated roads.



Above: Monte Carlo Club on the alley around the corner from the Kings Club.

Heading north on Chungshan N. Rd.


Above:  Florida Bakery. Still there after all these years.


Above:  Guesstimated location of the Sea Dragon Club.


Above:  Approximate location of Wu-Chows Massage Parlor

The little Church down the alley east of the bus stop is still there.


HoJo’s was located near this corner. 

Update 02/03/18: In fact the store front under the red sign in the photo below is HoJo’s, currently called the Evergreen, the same family runs it now as did back in the 1970’s.  Check out the story on the Zoomie’s web site about half way down this page:


The next Four were taken on ShuangCheng St. where the Imperial Club was located.

ShuangchenSt01 ShuangchenSt02 ShuangchenStNonganSt

The above photo shows the former location of the Imperial Club #16 ShuangCheng St.


ShuangCheng St. runs parallel to Chungshan N. Rd. one block east.  Followed ShuangCheng St. north to Dehui St., better known as Sugar Daddy Rd. or Business Man’s Row.  The following photo looks west back towards Chungshan N. Rd.  On the left is where the Lido, Butterfly, and other clubs were located.


Looking to the east revealed that the Presidents Hotel is now gone replaced by a Citibank Building.

DehiSt02PresHotel DehuiSt03PresHotel

To the east of the former location of the Presidents Hotel is Linsen N. Rd and on that corner was the “little Temple on the corner.  It’s now a big temple on the corner.

DehuiLinsenTemple01 DehuiLinsenTemple02 DehuiLinsenTemple03

Looking left on Linsen N. Rd heading towards the old HSA East compound entrance on Minzu East Rd.  The HSA compound is long gone replaced at this location by a Military Police Corp compound:


Going further east down one of those narrow alleys to the road that ran parallel to the ‘Rio Benjo’, Xinsheng N. Rd.  The Rio Benjo is gone replaced by an elevated highway, to the left in the next photo.


Crossing over to the east side of the former Benjo ditch a modern looking home that has been there since 1971.


Heading back to the MRT station to the west along Minquan Rd.  The school that is still there just to the east of  the  Linsen Rd. elevated crosswalk.

20141105TaipeiChungShan081 20141105TaipeiChungShan082

The next shots were taken from the elevated crosswalk over Linsen Rd, school to the right, (the Napoleon Club was located at 572 Linsen N. Rd which is about 2 blocks up on the left side of the street from where this first photo was taken). Grand Hotel in the distance, followed by a telephoto shot of the Grand Hotel:




This last photo is looking west on Minquan E. Rd from the Linsen Rd. pedestrian bridge.  The Casablanca Bar would have been down on the right corner for a point of reference.  This photo shows the dramatic change in the city scape of this area over the last 40+ years.


5 responses

  1. Don Price

    Can’t believe King’s Club and China Night weren’t declared national historical sites.

    December 1, 2014 at 9:40 am

    • linkounavy

      Don, I agree, they had hysterical significance.

      December 1, 2014 at 11:04 am

  2. Orlando (Dino) DeDominicis, Bravo Section CTR

    Wow! I can almost smell HoJo’s cooking, ‘Chi Chi Chiliboo’ 77 Club with their Mongolian Barbecue. No rumbling steam engines blowing through shimma ding anymore. Wished I had a time machine. Thank you so much for ALL these pics along with your narrative.

    December 2, 2014 at 6:50 am

  3. I was remiss in my response to this posting. I loved the pictures. I left when I was 15 years old. What you share has more significance for former servicemen. The dependents such as I had a different perspective. We only saw the signs, well, there were a few places that we snuck into. However, you did a fine job of brining back some memories like the President Hotel and the names of a couple of clubs that I recall.
    I’m sorry that I took so long to respond. Great work! Thank you!

    April 25, 2016 at 7:45 pm

  4. george rogers

    loved the photos, i think your a bit off on some locations. the photo of the Majestic hotel is actually the corner where the ABC and San Francisco were located. you can see the underground entrance in the bottom corner with the red and green decorations on top. thats where the ABC was, the San Fran was around the corner and the Prince and China Night were farther down the block. My wife and I were their in 2014,15, and 16. They were all located around the intersection of minquan w rd and chung shan n rd not near the minquan MRT station.

    January 19, 2017 at 1:01 pm

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