Dedicated To All Navy CT's Stationed at NSGA Shu Linkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwn

Linkou Navy Personnel

WatchBill1971 July 1971 Watch Bill, Linkou Navy 31 Division.

On this page, in no particular order, are photos of Linkou Navy Personnel from all duty sections and time periods. Can you believe we were ever that young?

sked1Above:  Going away sked for Fat Gary.  From Left to Right: Back Row:  George Rogers, Roger Olsen, Sophie, Dave Wannemacher, Jim “Flem” Fleming, Tom “Toe” Sherman, Charlie Somnier, Earl Axe, Steve Andrews, Baby Jane, Paul Button. Front Row:  Tim Henken, Mick McCarron, Danny Lee, “Skinny” Dan Norville, Gary “Fat Man” Hughes, Little Cindy, Chuck Fredricks, Rocky Rivera, Annie, “Uncle” Mike Sopchak.

charliesec Above: Charlie Section Sked to Hualien/Toroko Gorge:  Left to Right:  “Red” Reeves (in glasses), Paul Sterwalt (beard), Denny Haley, Ron Rasumussen, (the late) Tim Rowe (front), Luke Mann (in back with glasses – authored the book Bosco Blueballs), Scott Ralyea, Don “Ski” Oblinski (sun glasses), Dennis “Penis” Bass, Tour Guide (front), (the late) Charlie Brown (behind Oblinski and Bass), Roger “Ramjet” Brenning, Larry “Tink” Tinker, Jim “Cannonball” Gage, Dennis “Smoke” Griffin, and “Rabbit” Easter (bottom right corner) Photo by Larry Tinker.

rockcharlie  Above:  Same Sked to Toroko Gorge, front:  Tour Guide and “Rabbit” Easter, back left to right:  Luke Mann, Don “Ski” Oblinski, Larry Tinker, Jim Gage, Dennis “Smoke” Griffin.   Photo by Tinker

partydougfat  Above:  Downtown Party. Left to right:  Gary “Fat Man” Hughes (beard), Doug King (headphones, must have thought he was still on duty),  Dennis Bass (sitting in background).  Photo by Larry Tinker

partybassgary  Above:  Same Party, left to right:  Carl “George” Wallace, Dennis Bass, Gary Hughes (beard).  Photo by Larry Tinker.

ljcarpbat  Above:  Different Party;  Left to right on couch:  Larry Johnson, Ed “Batman” Dinofrio, Andy Bond, Rhonda, Steve Carpenter.  Photo by Larry Tinker

donchas  Above:  Donald Bryan and the late Charlie Brown.  Photo by Larry Tinker ronwally  Above:  “Wally” Wallace and Ron Fulcher.  On their way to Tai-chung, Fulcher was very hung over.  Photo by Larry Tinker

bryleyremaly  Above:  Front to back: Dave Bryley, Bob Remaly, and Don Bryan #42.  Photo by Tinker

boatgaryron  True Sailors – at camp McCauley – Gary “Fat Man” Hughes and Ron Anderson.  Photo by Tinker

sebbasskiss  Above:  A tender moment on a Delta Road Trip – Dennis Bass and Gary Sebranek, Ron Rasmussen in the background.  Photo by Tinker

ljfloor  Larry Johnson (Bravo Begger)  Photo by Tinker

bikers  Above:  Bikes were available from the Shu Linkou AS, Jim Valkwitch (foreground) Gary Hughes, Dennis Griffen, Roger Olsen, Chuck Fredricks, and not in the photo, Dan Norville and Larry Tinker (Photographer) took a tour of the Linkou are one sunny afternoon that included a visit to a tea plantation and the Linkou Golf Country Club.  More photos from that bike trip below:  All by Tinker.

bikerdan  Dan “Skinny Dan” Norville

garykids  Gary “Fat Man” Hughes talking to local kids.

jimchuckbike   Jim Valkwitch and Chuck Fredrick checking out the local live stock.

jimfatdance  Fat Man and Valkwitch dancing after a few Taiwan Beers at the Golf Course Club House More Photos from Tinker Below:

bassbeard   Dennis Bass with a beard.

bassmonk  Left to Right:  Dennis Bass and Monkey, or is it Right to Left Dennis Bass and Monkey?

garytub  Gary Hughes, threatening the Poparazzi

hobbsdan_001  Harry Hobbs

hobbsmehip  Larry Tinker and Harry Hobbs in Harry’s hippie clothes.

merasbuddh  Left to right:  Ron Rasmussen and Larry Tinker

mesmoke  Left to right:  Dennis Griffin and Larry Tinker

rassmokemid Dennis “Smoke” Greffen, Ron “Ras” Rasmussen, drunk between mid watches.

douggeohobbs  In the barracks: Doug King, George Rodgers, Harry Hobbs. (Delta Section)

brickgraf  Heading to the barracks after their watch Jack Graff and Jeff Bricker (Bravo Section)  Jack Graff was in downtown Taipei only twice during his entire tour.  First on the day he arrived, and second on the day he departed.  Now that was will power.

dongolf  Hughie Don Bryan (Charlie/Delta Sections) at the Golf Course.

geobuddhaGeorgie Wallace at the Happy Buddha

johnsonampampcarpenter  Steve Carpenter, Larry Johnson (Bravo Section) Downtown Taipei

paulmelunch Larry Tinker, Paul Sterwalt, Toroko Gorge Trip, Summer 1970.

Jmarbut  Jerry Marbut, center, at the farewell party for CT(R)’s that were converted to other rates in 1972.  Jerry is telling CMDR Stein that the Navy really messed up by involuntarily converting us.  Based on CMDR Stein’s reaction captured in this photo, he didn’t necessarily agree with Jerry’s assessment.

slk-co This is our CO, CDR Ed Stein, on the right and Lt Joe Grillo on the left. Ron Cranfill said that Stein died a few years later from a heart attact suffered while officiating a basketball game. Taken I think, at the festivities of the Change of Command.  This and the following 9 photos from Monty Walsh

slk-cl CDR Stein on the left and LCDR Charles Pulfrey on the right. Is that the China Station bell that The Boss is presenting to his XO? Taken at the same time as the suit is the same.

mctighco McTighe co is the Change of Command. That’s LCDR Pulfrey on the left  giving way to our new CO, CDR McTighe.

snowjer McTighe co is the Change of Command. That’s LCDR Pulfrey on the left
giving way to our new CO, CDR McTighe.

MONTY Don “Monty” Walsh trying to find the strike zone that he found to be so elusive. The good looking fellow behind him is Guy “Whitey” Beggs.

mwathan First baseman Mike Wathan who hailed from Lou-er-vul. We can’t seem to locate old Lou-er. He played good ball for us and he did graduate NCTC with Axeee which speaks for itself.

slk-navy Four sweaty funky softball players who must be celebrating a victory. Left to right, Guy Beggs, Monty Walsh, “Sweet Billy from Philly” Marko and Ronnie Anderson. Bill Marko played center field out of his head and Ron Andy led the team in BA.

Iswide Monty receiving his trophy from SLK Base Commander, COL Graham. No one rooted harder against you, but he was the best when you played on his team. I’m sure he would have been more happy if the Dawg’s had won. That guy, two behind Monty is our third baseman Denny Price.

den_monty Monty Walsh and Denny Price with their Island wide runner up trophys. Herbie Saddler and the CCK gang were Champs.

LINKOUNAVY  Group shot taken I think in the Napoleon Club. Left to right are, Larry Martin from Silver Springs, Md, Guy Beggs, A lovely young lady (who married a guy named Ling who played basketball for Army) Monty Walsh and Ron Cranfill. We did clean up nice.

jk1973  Here is Jake Kusse in 1973 on Shu Linkou.  Don’t know where he got the sofa unless this is his apartment.  Didn’t have furniture on the rock that looked like this that I remember.  Photo from Jake Kusse, comment from Earl Axe.

rr-ds-jk From left, Rocky Rivera, Dave Simmons, Jake Kusse.  They were stationed at Keflavik Iceland before they all pulled orders to Taiwan.  Rocky always had a beard that I remembered, so it is funny to see him without in this picture. Photo from Jake Kusse.

Skinner1a  Art Thrasher & Danny Hogan at Grass Mountain.  Photo from Miskimmin.

Skinner2a Rick “Skinner” Miskimmin.  Photo from Miskimmin.

SkinnerGroup Gage, Skinner, “Grit” Bradley and unidentifiable.  Photo from Miskimmin

Gage Gage drinking his last omayjo on the island.  Photo from Miskimmin.

SkinnerGage Gage and Grit heading stateside.  Photo from Miskimmin.

Delta Skedding at the China Night, Summer 1971.  Standing Left to Right: Dennis “Smoke” Griffin, MiMi, Lena, Dennis “The Kid” Haley, Chuck Fredricks, Jim Valkwitch, Gary “Seb”  Sebranek, Rhonda, Tim Henken, Sitting/Kneeling: “Skinny” Dan Norvell, “Wiggy” Wiggins, Paul Harbour (Alpha Section), Julie, Rocky Rivera.   All personnel are Delta Section unless noted otherwise.  The ladies are from the China Night.

Dan_on_Floor “Skinny” Dan Norvell, Gettin’ Down at the China Night.

Imperial_Club  On the left with face partially obscured is “Wally Wallace”, turning to face the camera is Ron Anderson and Steve Andrews.  Believe this was taken at the Napoleon Club.

GroupSunMoonLake Delta Section Sked to Taichung, early 1972.  Left to Right: Harry Hobbs, Chuck Fredrick, Earl Axe, Tim Henken, Roger McClosky, Rocky Rivera,  Al Bowen, Dave Wannamacher, Mick McCarron, Paul Button.  Photo from Earl Axe.

ek_4The following 12 photos belong to Skip Dunbar. Above: The 2nd guy from the right in blue shirt is Terry Williams of either Bravo or Alpha.   According to Musky these are some Alpha guys with Zoomie ladies on base.  He is almost positive that 3rd from right is Eddie Thornburg from North Carolina and 2nd from left is Bob Remally.

ek_5 The guy on far right is Larry Paul of South Dakota.  He was a Bravo.  Tinker knew him when he was in that section and went to “C” school with him, to his right is Terry Williams.

ek_6 Skip Dunbar is on the left, guy with camera to his face is Scott Ralyea

ek_7From Tinker: There are some very familiar faces and I am angry with myself for not recognizing them.  The only one I know is Jim Gage on the far left.  Larry Johnson ID’d Barry LaRose, second from left.   I hope someone will ID this group.  Musky adds that the guy in the yellow shirt is Speedy Lyle. The guy next to Speedy is Dewey Easley.

ek_8 Dewey Easley

ek_9 Don “Ski” Oblinski

ek_10 is the late Tim Rowe.   He also is in my Charlie section Taroko picture.

ek_11 From Tinker: – Guy in white underwear turning around – is Steve Carpenter of Bravo.   He was Larry Johnson’s roommate.  I spoke to Steve about 3 weeks ago for the 1st time in 30 years.  He was a very crazy skedder.

ek_12 From Tinker: – guy with shirt off sitting at his desk – is my roommate Ron “Ras” Rasmussen.

ek_14 Dennis Bass

ek_16 Skip Dunbar

ek_15 Willie Balash; “O” Brancher, Day-Lady (Thanks to Dick Buxton; 1970 Day-Lady).

Pic01 This and the following 12 photos belong to Gene “Jeep” Mullis.  Above: L-R     Jack Brady, Carl Trieloff, Jeep and Don Oblinski.    July 4, 1969

Pic02 L-R     Steve Hobensack, Chief Gary Whitmus, Dewey Easley and Steve Bivins.  July 4, 1969. Charlie Section

Pic03 Jeep and Dewey Easley  Charlie Section

Pic05 Luke Mann and Dewey Easley

Pic10 Gary Hagemeyer  outside barracks   after major typhoon  1969   Charlie Section

Pic09Houseboy  Wong and Steve Bivins

Pic11Ed Wolk and Don Oblinski  Charlie Section

Pic14 Don Oblinski and Jeep  1969

Pic17 Don “Ski” Oblinski  Feeling no pain

Pic19 Base party, July 4, 1969.  L-R   Hobensack, Lee Garrett, Easley, Gary “Tony” Hagemeyer, Bivins.

Pic18 Don Oblinski and Dewey Easley

Pic22 L-R  Steve Hobensack, Tom Cribbs and Gary Hagemeyer.

Pic21  L-R  Unknown, Ski Oblinski, Larry Crittenden, Chief Whitmus

The following gallery was provided by Glen “Radar” Nelson.  We need help identifying several of the CT’s in these photos, so if you know any of them send me a message.  Thanks.

The following photo was taken in front of the Operations Building, just to the left of the main entrance door and covered walkway.  The photo has been provided by Steven Connnors


Back row, left to right (8 guys): Lt Dave Mail (C.O.), Don Lord (CTI2), Mickey Vaughn (CTI2), John Staples (CTASN), Paul (Snag) Bunts (CTR3), Keith Zahron, Phil Allen (CTR2), CWO Gullickson (X.O.).

Front row, left to right (6 guys): Chief Davignon (CTIC), Rich Denny (CTR1), Steve Connors (CTRSN), Paul Dunn (CTR1), Greg Gilbert (CTI2) and Charlie Arbogast (CTRC).



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  1. linkounavy

    A trivia question for all you Bravo Beggars 1970-1972 era:
    Is it true that Jack (Steve?) Graf never went down the hill his entire tour? Except for the day he left.

    I was his room mate and that’s what he told me. I was in Delta section, so I couldn’t verify that claim – and speaking for myself, I never would have gone up the hill if I could have gotten away with it.

    January 11, 2018 at 9:10 pm

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