Dedicated To All Navy CT's Stationed at NSGA Shu Linkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwn

B4 ‘n After

Below are before and after photos of some Linkou Navy personnel and some familiar locations in Taiwan.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for a gallery of photos from a few small reunions.

6beachbums2bw Left to right Before: John “Ludwig” Hall, Jim “Musky” Hardison; McCauley Beach, July 4, 1970, and After: Jim Hardison, John Hall; Clearwater Beach July 2012.

CFrederick   Chuck Frederick; Before and After, and the Delta Section Jacket still fits!

Price  Don Price; with another surviving Section Jacket.

KingsHotelv2   King’s Hotel, corner of Minchuan and Chungshan Roads. (Before Photo by Chief Ski)

Here is an update to the King’s Hotel before and after photos; a sad day in Taipei:


Cranfill  Ron Cranfill, Commander Cranfill on the right in the after photo.

EAxe  Earl Axe.

77ClubB4After  77 club and King’s Club. (Before photo by Skip Dunbar)

MajesticHotel  Majestic Hotel, corner of Chung Shan N. Rd. and Minchuan E. Rd.

DhuiSt  Dehui St at Chungshan N. Rd, “Sugar Daddy Road”

Norville  Dan Norville

RoadToLinkou Road to Linkou.

tinkjohnson  Larry Johnson, Larry Tinker (before), Larry Tinker, Larry Johnson (After)

SunMoonTemple01  Temple at Sun Moon Lake, some things didn’t change much.

NPM01 National Palace Museum entrance walkway.  B4 photo courtesy of John Crum, Taipei Signal Army Blog Spot

NPM02 National Palace Museum main building.  B4 photo courtesy of John Crum, Taipei Signal Army Blog Spot.

228Park Longevity Park or 2/28 Peace Park.  B4 photo courtesy of John Crum, Taipei Signal Army Blog Spot.

CampMcCauley Camp McCauley Beach, B4 photo by Steve Callis from the web site.  After photo taken in 2011, today referred to as Jinshan.  (The Sands of Time look the same here).  Thanks to Roger Lentz of the 6987th USAFSS  Dawg Flight for informing that this photo was taken at McCauley Beach.

XinshengNRD01 This before photo (1971) taken at approximately No. 15 Xinsheng N. Rd. Sec. 3, Taipei, between lanes 11 and 19.  The elevated highway on the left side of the ‘after’ photo was not there in 1971. (After photo is from a Google Maps Screen Shot).  In 1971 there was a canal that we called the Rio Binjo.

The following gallery of mini-reunions (2006, 2008) were provided by Glen “Radar” Nelson and Don Price.




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  1. Ronnie R Quin

    After all these years I recognize Bob Howe. This is Ronnie Quin (Eskimo)

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      OMG!!! Ronnie I just now saw your comment. Are you on facebook?

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  2. Ronnie R Quin

    I am living in Texas also.

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