Dedicated To All Navy CT's Stationed at NSGA Shu Linkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwn

The Great Sad Buddha Sacrilegious, Glad We Weren’t Arrested, Boat Race

During my 15 glorious months on the ROC, I ventured out of Taipei three times. These were, of course, section sheds. And as I look back, the single question arises in my mind. Why?

Why leave the familiar surroundings and girls of Taipei? The consensus among Delta section was always the same. What are we doing here? Wish I were back at the King’s Club checking out Lisa’s legs . (I loved Lisa’s legs, among other parts of her body.)

This was basically the opinion of the majority of Delta section as we arrived in Tai Chung in December of 1970. Early in the day we had visited the happy Buddha. And for a very brief time we became embroiled in the fascinating, multifaceted culture of our host country. Of course, a little culture goes a long way, so by the time we reached the site of the sad Buddha, we had absorbed enough culture. It was time to do what we do best: make complete fools of ourselves.

I’m not sure how it started, but I’m sure it had to do with a well-placed “dare” coupled with ingredients such as a sacred pool, paddle boats, and Delta section. Out of this came a challenge, and thus, the stage was set for the start of “The Great Sacrilegious Sad Buddha, Glad We Weren’t Arrested, Boat Race.” The teams consisted of Fat Man & Doug King, Ron Rasmussen & Georgie Wallace, Dennis Bass & Gary Sebranek, and Ron Fulcher & Dennis “Smoke” Griffin. It took only seconds to go over the rules as of course, there weren’t any.

The tourists that came that day to view a religious shrine went home with stories that they would later tell their grandchildren. Future generations to visit the religious site would be told stories about a great race that took place one December afternoon in 1970. Facts, of course would become distorted. Deeds would undoubtedly become heroic. Legends would be created.

Surely, a statue or plaque would be erected commemorating the great event. The Sad Buddha himself would probably become a secondary attraction.

How do we separate truth from myth? We can draw our own conclusions about that fateful day from the following pictures. So gentlemen, start your engines.


(Left to right) Georgie Wallace, Ron Rasmussen, Ron Fulcher,and Dennis
Griffin – Ras and Georgie take an early lead.


(Teams from near to far) Seb and Penis, Smoking Penis and Fulcher, Ras
and Georgie, and Fatman and Dougie King.


Ras and Georgie continue to hold the lead.


The captain (Fatman) gives instrucions to his crew (Dougie)


(L to R) Ras, Georgie, Fatman, Dougie, Smoke and Ron Fulcher.


L to R) Smoke, Fulcher, Dougie, Fatman – Smoke and Ron seem to be
having trouble with their boat.


Ras jockeying for position. (Notice the many spectators.)


Fatman trying to sabotage Ras and George’s boat.


An almost fatal accident as George struggles to stay upright. (helping
are Fulcher and Smoke who have retired from the race)


Ras returning the favor to Doug and Fatman’s boat.


Fatman still trying to capsize Ras and George’s vessel.


Ras trying to ready his boat to finish the race.


(L to R) Dennis Bass, Ron Fulcher, Smoking Penis, and Georgie getting
ready to reenter the race.


Fatman looking for his boat.


Dennis Bass being tossed by Ras and others.


Dennis Bass resurfacing.


The winners!!! Georgie and Ras


(l to r) Dennis Bass, Fatman, Georgie Wallace, Ron Rasmussen –
Winners being congratulated by two other racers.



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